Easy does it


The Sit2Ski is very easy in use.

How does it work in practice? Very simple! You just sit down and hold the handles. Reducing your speed can be done with your feet and the sides of the carveski. Steering is a matter of leaning sideways with your body. Once seated, it feels like you have never done something else. As with carveski’s, the shape of the skis allow you to make easy turns. Have you never been on a wintersport holiday but still want to join a group of more experienced skiers and boarders? Forget the ski lessons! A half hour of practice at the Sit2Ski and you can control all slopes! As fast, as extremely and as controlled as you want..

Serious fun!

  • Extremely good fun!
  • Easy to learn
  • Master a red slope within 30 minutes
  • Accessible to persons from 14 years and older