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Extending the Wintersport-Fun-Factor

Research has learned us that snow-tourists are looking for fun and innovative stuff to extend their ski/boading experience.

This fun/innovative stuff is not to replace skiing or boarding but pure complementairy to increase the Wintersport-Fun-Factor – a few hours during a ski-school programme or few hours during a wintersport-week.


The Sit2Ski has been developed to meet these needs of snow-tourist as it is:

  • Fun, a Go-Kart / wave riding experience on the snow
  • Thrill,  feel the G-forces being low to the ground, making carv turns and maintaining controlled speed
  • Safe, easy to learn in 25 minutes and low to the ground (30cm)
  • Affordable, rental prices from €5,50 per hour

Note, especially during bad visibility (snow, fog), the Sit2Ski is a excellent ski/board alternative as being low to the ground improves visibility and warrants a great day out there!

Seeing is believing – the Patscheider story

  • At Patscheider, a great number of fun and innovative devices are available for rent at their MittelStation in Serfaus.
  • In cooperation with the Ski-school, the use of fun-devices have been incorporated in the ski-school programme offering. The ski-school comes to Patscheider to rent the fun-devices.
  • The Sit2Ski is very easy to use.  Within 25 minutes, anyone can master the Sit2Ski on the slopes.
  • Finally, the Bergbahnen is selling a Fun-pass for €10,- a day. With this Fun-pass, wintersport-tourists can rent 4 different fun-devices during one day at Patscheider to test and experience the Fun-Factor.
  • Results: Patscheider is renting out 10 Sit2Ski’s on an average day.


Interested to increase the Wintersport-Fun-Factor at your destination?

If you have any questions about the Serfaus set up, please contact Mäx Hörhager at Patscheider (

If you are interested to copy the Serfaus set up, Sit2Ski is anxious to help you! Please contact Alexander Mul at Sit2Ski ( ).


Let us know! 

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The Sit2Ski team.

Patscheider succes story



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