The Serfaus Fun factor

In Serfaus, the Bergbahnen, Ski-school and Patscheider joined forces to enhance the Wintersport-Fun-Factor by introducing the Sit2Ski.

Looking for ambassadors

The Sit2Ski team is looking for ambassadors in the Alps to help us launch the S2S in season 2010-2011. We have great plans. Interested in a free Sit2Ski?

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What is it?


Easy, scratch the surface!

The Sit2Ski is new. It’s a carveski with a seat mounted on top of it.
Within 30 minutes you can master practically any slope. It will allow you to hook up with any group of friends (skiërs and boarders) to enjoy your wintersport.
Especially inexperienced skiers and boarders can keep up with their more experienced friends while using the Sit2Ski.